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Introduction to Corel Draw

  1.  INTRODUCTION TO COREL DRAW BY: IMPRAIM - SWANZY-ENOCK Graphic Design Tutor @ Ahantaman Girls’ Senior High Sch. Email:
  2. OBJECTIVES By the end of the lesson, student will be able to: Define Corel Draw Explain a software Differentiate between a vectorimage & a bitmap image Define resolution
  3. MEANING OF COREL DRAW Corel Draw is a vector-based drawing program(software) that makes it easy to create professional artwork fromsimple logos to intricate technical illustrations. It provides tools and effects that make it possible to workefficiently to produce high-quality graphics.
  4. Drawings in Corel Draw are vector based because objects drawn are defined mathematically as a series of points(dots) joined by lines. Graphical elements in a vectorfile called objects. Each object is a self contained entity, with properties such as colour, shape, outline, size and position on the screen included in its definition.
  5. Because each object is a self-contained entity, it is also possible to move and change its properties freely while maintaining its original clarity and crispness without affecting otherobjects in the drawing. These characteristics make vector-based applications ideal forillustrations and they are resolution independent. As a result, the image quality of a drawing is a high quality resolution
  6. RESOLUTION The degree of sharpness of a computer generated image as measured by the numberof dots perlinearinch in a hard copy printout orthe numberof pixels across and down on a display screen.
  7. BITMAP IMAGE In computergraphics, a bitmap or pixmap is a file format used to store digital images. The termbitmap comes fromthe computer programming terminology, meaning just a map of bits, a spatially mapped array of bits(pixels)
  8. PIXELS In digital imaging, a pixel orpel is the smallest addressable element in a display device(screen) LCDpixels are manufactured in a two dimensional grid and are often represented using dots orsquares A megapixel = o ne m illio n pixe ls A camera with 2.0 megapixels = two million pixels
  9. An example showing an image with a portion greatly enlarged, in which the individual pixels are rendered as little squares and can easily be seen Fig: 1
  10.  Fig: 2
  12. Fig:3
  13.  MENU Menus contains pull-down options  STANDARD TOOLBAR Contains shortcut to menus and other commands.  PROPERTY BAR A context sensitive toolbar that shows commands relating the active tool or object.  TOOLBOX Contains tools for creating, filling and modifying objects in a drawing
  14. DRAWING PAGE The printable area of the workspace  DOCUMENT NAVIGATOR Contains controls for moving between and adding pages.  RULERS Horizontal and vertical borders that are used to determine the size and position of objects in a drawing.  DRAWING WINDOW The area outside the drawing window bordered by the scroll bar.
  15. NAVIGATOR BUTTON Open a smaller display to help pan around a drawing page  STATUS BAR Contains information about object properties such as type, size, colour, fill and resolution. It also shows the current mouse position.  COLOUR PALETTE Contains colour swatches.  DOCKER Contains available commands and settings relating to a specific tool, effect or task.
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